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Ty Brasel

Ty Brasel: “I wanted to communicate to people how valuable they are, that they are alive for a reason and are called to greatness in one way or another."



Ty Brasel talks all about his plans for the future and the latest release of his 4th studio album, Destiny: Vol.1. “I wanted to communicate to people how valuable they are, that they are alive for a reason and are called to greatness in one way or another.” Brasel’s latest release is all about trying to help inspire and motivate people who have lost their footing along the bumpy unsettling journey we all walk along. Brasel uses his new 13-track record to demonstrate how far he has come, giving an honest insight into his rock-bottom to redemption arc.

Brasel knows better than most about the hardships the world has to offer, problems with substance abuse and run-ins with the law are all issues that Brasel has had to face over the years. “A lot of my biggest struggles have been internal. Fear, anxiety & shame have been a huge fight for me for years as a result of past experiences and traumas.” 

Setback after setback and it can feel like you’re stuck in a hole, going nowhere, but Brasel never gave up - “I decided to go back to my childhood church roots and began to find my true identity for the first time”. Where there is darkness there is always light just around the corner, and Destiny: Vol.1 is an outreached hand pulling you into that light. “I tried to use my story to inspire others to believe that about themselves and to pursue destiny in their own lives.”

When going through such hardships, many of us can often try and find ways of escape or ways to help relive some of the stress and emotions we are going through, along with other passions like food and video games, for Brasel it’s all about the people he keeps around him “talking on the phone to friends is usually the best thing for me in those situations, they always find a way to speak life and make me feel a bit better.”

Brought up on the outskirts of Memphis, faith and religion have always followed Brasel, but it hasn’t been the clearest of journeys for him. After a hit moment of realisation that his life wouldn’t change unless he did something about it, Brasel slowly reclaimed his belief and now uses his re-gained faith as the main themes to help inspire his new work. When asked what he is most grateful for Brasel states that it was his faith and that it acts as “the anchor that kept me grounded and helped me persevere.” Along with Brasel’s faith, it’s his ability to take a step back and evaluate where he has gone wrong that has got him to where he is today “Over the last two years I’ve really gotten into the process of rooting out the issues and going on that healing journey and it’s been a crazy mess but beautiful nevertheless.”

Brasel has always gravitated towards hip-hop even from a young age, starting to write his own rap verses and songs from the age of 10 years old, he has taken this time to build up experience and immerse himself in the culture, mostly taking inspiration from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, and Post Malone. “I’ve learned a lot about patience and process throughout my time in music. I just try to focus on consistent growth and innovation musically. I’m always trying new ideas and sounds. I’ve been very blessed to explore and reach many parts of the world because of music and i feel very thankful for that.”

Brasel isn’t looking to stop any time soon though, a long with Destiny: Vol. 2, which is already in the works, Brasel has a lot of other things for fans to look forward to “I’ve been really focused on new music, specifically Destiny Vol. 2 & the singles/videos for it. I’m also pursuing a couple of business ventures as well so it’s an exciting time in my life right now and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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