Head Above The Clouds began to create safe spaces within the creative industries and promote better mental health. Since the beginning, HATC Media have endeavoured to provide moments of escapism, all whilst creating a community that is judgement and stigma free. 


Since we began, we have run gigs, festivals and panel debates, whilst producing online content such as podcasts and campaigns. As we continue to grow at an incredible rate, we also continue to reach a wider audience by branching into new areas within the creative industries and growing into a much broader  media company.


We want our magazine to be  an immersive experience. With that in mind alongside the work we do, we not only understand but we want to champion a magazine that is accessible.


The magazine aims to not only produce content for readers to understand and tackle their mental health struggles, but to also give the chance to hear from those who have, and/or still are experiencing mental health difficulties.


As a media platform we prioritise the most truthful means of artistic expression within our culture, focusing on artforms from across the board to ensure our readers can find escapism between their day to day.


We want to provide those suffering from mental illness a chance to not only learn and feel welcome, but a chance to have a voice and a place to change prejudices surrounding the everyday battle for better mental health.