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HATC Media has become a key player in the media and creative industries with a focus on mental health and culture within publishing, productions, Audio, Events, and Campaigns. Founded in 2020 by Alice Gee HATC has become a leader and key voice in promoting better mental health, wellbeing and joy and culture.

We are an immersive cultural experience with mental health at the forefront.

We aim to create SAFE SPACES and ESCAPISM in the creative industries, all whilst creating a community where MENTAL HEALTH is JUDGEMENT and STIGMA FREE.

We aren't scared of candid conversations. We celebrate those wanting to share their truth, giving guests a safe space and community to explore their unique journey. From Hayley Williams exclusive cover to collaborative issues, our quarterly releases remain the go to for a community that is inclusive and celebrates of health and well being.

We champion artists, creatives and phenomenol stories with HATC being a well respected and desired publication when wanting to champion vulnerable and groundbreaking stories.

HATC Magazine began to give moments of escapism through culture in the hope that our content and guest features would create awareness and a voice for our readers in combatting mental health stigma, in the hopes of normalising the conversation surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

As a media platform we prioritise the most truthful means of artistic expression within our culture, focusing on artforms from across the board. Our editorial explores culture with insight into music, film, sport, fashion, travel and more.

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