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Stacey Jackson

Stacey Jackson: "I was totally the opposite of my normal self and had never felt so down. But speaking to someone about it helped me so much. I learned how to compartmentalise."



Few figures shine as brightly as Stacey Jackson, a true icon whose career has effortlessly earned her the status of a pop sensation. Renowned for her adept ability to infuse the classic ‘80s sound with a contemporary twist, Jackson stands at the forefront of the dance music scene.

As the architect of instant hits such as ‘Flipside’ and ‘Urgent’, Stacey Jackson is set to unveil a new chapter from her upcoming album, ‘Super Woman’, starting with the anthemic ‘Soldier’ in a captivating acoustic rendition. Beyond the pulsating beats and infectious melodies, Stacey weaves narratives of empowerment and self-expression into her music, challenging conventions and igniting positive change.

‘Soldier’ is a poignant reflection of real-life stories from Stacey's close circle, encapsulating the journey of those who embraced their authentic selves later in life. In her own words, the song champions emotional liberation and the ownership of one’s truth, urging everyone to be their own soldier.

Stacey delves into the creation of ‘Soldier’, describing it as “a song about finding your truth and doing what makes you happy. I’ve had friends live their lives trapped in the wrong relationships or even trapped inside themselves, living a life they thought they “had” to live. It was only later on in life that they realised that they could never really be happy until they made a big change. So it’s about being your own soldier in life.” Melodically, the song finds its roots in a piece Stacey penned back in 1985, artfully preserving the integrity of the ‘80s sound while infusing it with a contemporary flair—a theme that echoes throughout her forthcoming album. While maintaining a distinctive ‘80s vibe, Stacey emphasises that her music conveys “messages about feeling free to do what you love and being happy with yourself.”

Teasing the anticipation for her upcoming book, ‘How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom’ Stacey hints at a fictional narrative loosely inspired by her own life and the challenges of juggling a family and a pop music career. “It’s a fictional book loosely based on my life and journey as a mom juggling a family and a pop music career. It’s really funny because she tries to figure out how she can “do it all,” but there are so many obstacles in her way—especially when she gets a life-changing opportunity to record a song with the most famous rapper in the world.” She recounted the exhilarating experience of working with Snoop Dogg, emphasising the privilege of witnessing his creative process firsthand. “It was an amazing experience. Being able to literally be in the room while he was creating his rap—getting to know one another first so he was properly able to get the message in the song. We literally bonded over parenting tips!”

Stacey opens up about her experience with post-partum depression, a challenging period that prompted her to seek support and ultimately develop tools to overcome it. “What a feeling that was! I was totally the opposite of my normal self and had never felt so down. But speaking to someone about it helped me so much. I learned how to compartmentalise.” Revealing her uplifting strategies, Stacey shares her passion for fitness as a go-to remedy. “If I ever feel crappy, I go for a long walk or head to the gym, pop on my music, and away I go... It always makes me feel fabulous. Or, I call one of my kids or my besties. I am super lucky to have a great support network of positive people around me.” Additionally, she shares her journey with ADHD: “Over the years, I’ve developed some key tools to turn ADHD into what I call my superpower.”

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