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NADIA: "If you have true desire and unshakeable belief in yourself, you have to keep going no matter what!"



Irish dance-pop sensation NADIA is renowned for her ability to deliver a harmonious influx of uplifting dance floor-fillers and fizzing electronica, continuing to impress with each anthemic release. With the unveiling of the heavenly new single ‘Buzz’, the singer-songwriter is showcasing her place as one-to-watch amidst the dance-pop landscape. From an early age, the singer-songwriter set her sights on a career in music: “I’m a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland. I started writing and recording music in the style of Motown in my teens, then moved into pop music. I work with my dad, who’s a music producer, every week in his studio, which I feel very grateful for. Right now, I’m making music that feels authentic to me.”.

The singer-songwriter owes her unwavering passion and ability to her musical upbringing. Instantly adopting a love for songwriting, NADIA told us, “Music is definitely in my blood! My mum and dad were singers and musicians, and they always helped in any way they could with my career. I was always in auditions as a child, performing in musical theatre. I’ve been writing songs since as young as I can remember, so I always knew it was something I would do.”

NADIA’s personal experiences and scenic surroundings instinctively act as an artistic tool for her songwriting, hailing from a peaceful seaside town in Northern Ireland: “I live in Bangor, Northern Ireland, which is a seaside town. There are some beautiful beaches around, such as Ballyholme and Crawfordsburn, and I walk along Crawfordsburn beach in particular very often. I feel very blessed to live here and only be a few minutes away from nature.” Demonstrating a great deal of increasing self-confidence under her belt and hope-fuelled persistence, she says, “I always had dreams of performing on big stages in front of crowds, so I feel very lucky that I’m living out those dreams now!

Miles away from the serenity of Bangor, NADIA seeks solace in the hustle and bustle of city life, illustrating its allure in the enthralling ‘Buzz’. Speaking on how the electrifying single came to life, the singer told us: “Buzz is such a meaningful song to me and was written about never feeling alone in the city and how the buzz of the crowds of people always keeps you company. I’m so thankful for all the support it’s been getting since its release.”

NADIA’s eventual breakthrough occurred when her talent was picked up by Sound Ballistics and Recordings: “Signing with my record label Sound Ballistics in 2022 was a real pivotal moment for me and has really progressed my music career. Ben and my team have helped me so much over the last year to grow an audience, and I’m very grateful for all their work and support.”

Despite her undying love for songwriting, NADIA has experienced a fair share of tumultuous ups and downs in the music industry. Acknowledging the combination of perseverance and consistent hard work involved to achieve her goals, the singer shared, “Music is definitely a hard industry to be in, and you have to get used to rejection very early on. You have to have thick skin and not take things personally when they don’t go your way. Another big lesson I’ve learned is that things take time, and the saying ‘it takes 10 years to become an overnight success’ is absolutely true. Back in 2021/early 2022, I was at a point where I was thinking about whether to continue with my music career, as I’d been pursuing it for quite a few years and wasn’t sure about my direction when Ben from Sound Ballistics reached out. I took it as a sign to continue my music, and it has been the biggest blessing. I think if you know your soul is destined for something, you have to be true to yourself and keep pursuing it.”

NADIA’s newly found perspective has paid off, devoting herself to continuously building a career she dreamt of rather than arriving at a perfect final destination:” I think my younger self would be very proud that I’ve continued on this path and am still following my dreams. If you have true desire and unshakeable belief in yourself, you have to keep going no matter what!”. With her developing artistry, unfaltering determination, and establishment as a rising star in the dance-pop genre, NADIA is set to spread her wings in 2024, reaching an ever-growing audience and beyond.

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