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Kelsey Hart

Kelsey Hart : “Stay the course, show up everyday, and work on your craft."



Rising country star Kelsey Hart stole the hearts of listeners with the poignant love-letter ballad, ‘Life With You’. The intimate hit amassed over 240 million TikTok views, as fans across the globe used the song to soundtrack personal milestones. In return, this musical tale of embracing a lifetime of love has garnered over 40 million global streams, propelling Hart’s remarkable talent under a deserving limelight. We caught up with the artist about how he weaves his authentic experiences into his songwriting, the touching story behind ‘Life With You’ and how he hopes it will resonate with many.

Following classic country-rock traditions, Kelsey Hart owes the album’s lyrical influence to his family, friends and deeply personal experiences. ‘Life With You’, which is driven by a nostalgic blend of ethereal, sliding guitar and tender melodies, is perfectly paired with an intimate visual snapshot of his wedding dance. This heartwarming statement has resonated with many, yet stems from a simple ode to his wife - “When we got engaged, my wife asked if it could be our wedding song which was really cool for me. I’m super thankful so many people are making it part of their special day”.

Hart’s upcoming album under the same name promises to invite listeners on a genuine voyage through heartbreak, hope and the pivotal experiences that led him to happiness. Pouring his heart and soul into fifteen autobiographical tracks, this debut offering flickers between romantic ballads and jubilant anthems. “As a writer, I think everyday life is where we pull our best ideas from” Hart shared. “Everyday life has a way of producing its own song titles - you just have to listen close and write those feelings authentically.”

For Kelsey Hart, penning odes to his relationships has encouraged self-reflection and crafted a revitalizing creative process. “It’s definitely therapeutic to get in a room with other writers and pour out our deepest thoughts and feelings. These days, it’s much easier to write the love songs since thats where I’m at in my life.”

The singer-songwriter equally strives to pay homage to his genre’s origins and values, which is renowned for honoring the importance of family, and crafting classics that listeners never forget - “On my records, I hope to do my part in paying tribute to all of those before me and keep true story telling”.

Resonating with the album’s narrative, the online explosion of ‘Life With You’ has encouraged love and positivity amidst a time when it can attract mass negativity. Hart is aware of how his exposure can encourage the latter, yet believes in focusing on the relationship his music has formed with listeners. “It’s important to not get wrapped up in negative comments. It’s cool to see all the positivity and connection that happens online but with that also comes some negative. I do my best to look over those and focus on the good!”

As the imminent release of ‘Life With You’ approaches, Hart has faced several personal challenges in the industry leading to this milestone. However, the artist has overcome these through perseverance and dedicated work. For aspiring musicians, Hart encourages them to “Stay the course, show up everyday, and work on your craft. First you need to figure out what you wanna say and how you wanna say it. Early on, it’s easy to look around and feel behind in this industry but if you keep your head down and focus on yourself, good things will come your way.”

Depicting his aspirations for ‘Life With You’ and what’s next on the horizon, Hart told us “I hope people can listen to this record and feel a connection. I’m also hoping the music pulls the listeners back to a time they have experienced in their life too. I’m looking forward to writing and recording songs for many years to come and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do so”.

Let Kelsey Hart sweep you off your feet with ‘Life With You’ now, and don’t miss out on the release of his debut album out May 31st.

Watch The Video for ‘Life With You’: 

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