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Hilary Roberts

Hilary Roberts: “There was an apology needed, and since many won’t be given, let the apologies start with me and create a call to action for this."



The American singer-songwriter, Hilary Roberts known for her philanthropic efforts, takes the stage once again with her latest release, the profoundly moving single, ‘Better Than This’. Collaborating with gospel singer Brenda Ellis, the song is a testament to self-reflection, a call for positive change, and an apology to people of colour for historical and ongoing racial injustices.

As we delve into the heart of Hilary Roberts’ artistry, ‘Better Than This’ serves as an anthem of acknowledgement, urging society to confront its past and actively work towards racial equality. Released on Martin Luther King Day, the song aligns with Roberts’ commitment to addressing prejudice, fear, and systemic oppression. The music video amplifies the impact of the song, offering a visual narrative that complements the powerful lyrics.

‘Better Than This’ delves into the crux of critical issues - racism, hate, resentment, justification, and the perpetual cycle of separation. Roberts advocates for an open-minded approach to understanding diverse perspectives, fostering better unity and love She states, “Music is the universal language. When we take responsibility for wrongs done, have empathy and compassion for others and move from hate to love, we heal as individuals and as a society.”

She reveals that the aim was to create an anthemic and emotive piece, devoid of specific artist or song inspirations. “There was an apology needed, and since many won’t be given, let the apologies start with me and create a call to action for this. It’s not enough to say well, I didn’t commit those monstrosities. It’s about saying I am so sorry for what some of my people have done, at least from my perspective.”

Beyond the musical realm, the conversation expands to effective ways of spreading awareness on these crucial issues. Roberts advocates for “Having open and respectful conversations about what is still going on today. For me it’s about standing against hate coming from my side and calling it out.”

Beyond ‘Better Than This’ and as 2024 unfolds, Roberts teases an exciting summer release around women empowerment, “this summer I have an upcoming single that I wrote with hit songwriter Justin Tranter (Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Maroon 5, nominated for Grammy Songwriter of the year), Award-winning Producer Damon Sharpe and Taoufik Korriche.”

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