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Allegra: "I got through it, but not without a bit of struggle."Allegra: "I got through it, but not without a bit of struggle."



Once a little girl holding her pink neon microphone singing Beyonce in front of her mirror, Allegra has grown into a mature, confident woman. While navigating the reality of being an adult, she juggles her singing career with being a student with the main incentive of making her dream come true.

Hailing from her London home, Allegra seems to have quite a packed schedule; she says: “It has been a bit crazy as I just went off to Glasgow to perform live on CBBC, so there were a lot of rehearsals, plus I have been in the studio recording and writing new material. I have also just finished my first year at uni, so I am very happy”.

While planning her birthday party, Allegra also celebrates the release of her newest single, ‘He Ain’t You,’ which marks her shift towards a more pop sound from previous dance-themed records. Other than preparing for photo shoots and finishing her first year at uni, Allegra focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle: “I love to do sports every day whether it’s a spinning class, pilates or running. So I make sure to do something every day, no matter what I’m doing. I also have a birthday party coming up, so I am planning it, and I can’t wait to party and dance the night away”, she shares.

Allegra’s love for Beyonce seems to be a constant throughout her life. During our chat with the rising star, she shows gratitude for discovering the magic of music while she wasn’t able to find her own at school: “I have always lived through music since I was a little girl. My mum always tells me stories about how I was always singing to my mirror to Beyonce with my bright neon pink microphone. I guess I just wanted to take it a step further and see where it could lead me. I was never good in school, and I didn’t enjoy it; I struggled. So going on stage and to the studio was my way of releasing and doing something that I love”.

Ever since her 2019 debut single ‘All About Us,’ Allegra kept a momentum of high-quality releases that slowly introduced her to the dance-pop scene while she gained confidence in her voice, stage presence, and overall presentation. Last year’s releases ‘Used To Miss You’ and ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ moulded Allegra into a woman, aware of her worth and talent to pull the listener in.

The real crown jewel is the newest offering, ‘He Ain’t You,’ where she perceives to be ready to strip off any extra fabrications, choreographies, or bright lights. The accompanying music video centres around her, and the descriptive lyrics mimic the styles of Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift.

Allegra elaborates what the inspiration behind the track is: “’ He Ain’t You’ Is about fantasying about an old love even though you might have someone else who is even better and perfect for you, somehow they are just not it because you crave the one who didn’t treat you as well, the rebel”.

‘He Ain’t You’ sheds light on a more vulnerable Allegra with diary-like songwriting where she seems to be more at home than in previous singles. The songstress embodies all her childhood dreams coming true with ‘He Ain’t You,’ speaking her truth, staying true to herself, and most of all, finding her place. “It is different because I wanted to write a more of a pop song, so I was very involved in the writing so that it was personal to me. It’s also more mature, which is a very big step up”.

Besides her thriving musical career, she also opened up about dealing with anxiety and dyslexia during her school years. For others who may be going through the same things, she shares her tips: “I listen to music or go running listening to playlists I have put together. Distract yourself by surrounding yourself with friends and keeping busy. I mean, I got through it, but not without a bit of struggle. I had extra classes to help, and there was always a teacher to help me if I wanted to talk. I think schools are doing very well at the moment, but it’s all about open communication and speaking to people when you need help”.

The newest of Allegra’s involvements is her work as the patron for equine therapy charity SLTH (Strength & Learning Through Horses). She explains how it all came about: “My team was approached, and I really wanted to get involved as it is a good cause, and I really believe in the work that they are doing. They use horses to help children that struggle at school and let them develop another skill away from the classroom which I believe in heavily; not everyone can work within a classroom, everyone has a different brain. Animals show their emotions differently to human beings, so I believe that they show their love through action, which is sometimes better. Actions speak louder than words”.

Founding her safe space in music, Allegra talks about it as her form of therapy: “Music is my therapy. I put everything into my music. I used to want to just leave school and make music every day because it felt like home. I knew I could do it. It’s where I found my confidence. Music is another world for me, my own little bible, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. It has helped me a lot”.

Allegra’s road to stardom is only beginning, but this young woman will achieve big things considering her immense growth and self-awareness. At the moment, Allegra is determined to return with more new material that translates her life experiences into music that can help and inspire others. Make sure you check out ‘He Ain’t You’, out on all streaming platforms.

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