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Mia Caven | 08/09/2023

M: So, what is it like being an independent artist?

Kamille: You know what, I love it. I’ve got such a good team behind me, and at the same time, I can be so free. I have fewer limitations than a non-independent artist might have. My team is so great and helps me from straying, which I need, so it’s truly a blessing to create the way I need to while having such fantastic support.

M: What was it like writing the whole album while pregnant?

Kamille: I felt more emotional, and there were moments where my husband would know to, like, leave me alone for a bit, but mostly, honestly, it was great. I was so aware because I had to be, and I was allowing my feelings to flow and looking after myself, which helped the writing process!

M: "Options" premiered on BBC Radio 1, a great accomplishment. What was that like for you?

Kamille: It’s incredible! I think I’m still in shock. When anything like this happens, like with the Grammys, I’m so grateful and in disbelief, but in a good way. If you told me any of this would have been happening for me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you, but I’m so happy and grateful to have "Options" premiere on BBC Radio 1.

M: You also had a track featuring legend Nile Rodgers. How was that collaboration formed, and what was the process like?

Kamille: You know what, I still can’t believe it. He had heard my stuff and came down to jam a bit, and seeing him in that process was surreal for me. I feel that way with everyone who wants to work with me and with whom I collaborate. I’m so grateful that I got to see him in his element and that he even wanted to work with me. It’s still so wild to think about!

M: So you’re touring with a newborn; generally touring can be challenging. How important is mental health to you in that process?

Kamille: So important! I think I’m usually really good at looking after myself and caring about my mental health, but additionally, having a baby on top of that has meant that I, of course, have to look after myself and him too now, so it’s been so essential to make sure mental health has been a priority, more so than ever!

M: You’ve been making music for over six years now; what would you say this journey has been like from the beginning to the present?

Kamille: I would honestly say it’s gotten easier. Since having a baby, I’ve had to be more mindful and prioritise my baby. I’ve always been open and vulnerable with my music; I think, over time, it has only increased. I’ve been able to be more creative as time has passed and create what I’ve always wanted to, so it’s been amazing, and I’m so grateful to have had such a good journey throughout the years.

mattyvogel_lead-press-photo .jpeg
mattyvogel_lead-press-photo .jpeg

M: How has being a new mum been intertwined with or affected your music, good or bad if at all?

Kamille: It’s been so good! I don’t think it’s affected it badly at all. If anything, it’s been perfect, but it hasn’t even changed much of my process. I’ve been learning to balance the two simultaneously, but I think I’m getting a good handle on it now!

M: You have this classic elegant black and white theme with your single covers. What sparked this theme? Was it purposeful?

Kamille: It’s funny because I was looking at musicians I look up to from, like, the 90s, and I love the colourful cover art, so with the album cover, it’s all gold, so it was kind of like a lead-up to this explosion of colour! I don’t think we did it intentionally, but I love how it turned out.

M: You do a lot of features and collabs; is this something you want to keep doing and love doing?

Kamille: Absolutely! Music is all about collaboration and brings people together. I think collaborations are something I’ll always be interested in and do, at least I hope I always do. Music is shared, and I feel grateful to share the process of creating it with other musicians, so yes, I expect more, haha. Everyone can bring something different, and that’s so cool. I love seeing how others work and what we end up making together.

M: Even though you’ve just had Options come out, is there more we can look forward to? What’s next?

Kamille: I’m always working on more, so there will be! 

Words Mia Caven
Photography Danika Magdalena

mattyvogel_lead-press-photo .jpeg
mattyvogel_lead-press-photo .jpeg

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