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Exclusive Conversation With undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world Franchón

On July 1st, Franchón will fight against Savannah Marshall at AO Arena in Manchester.

Exclusive Conversation With undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world Franchón

"I feel victorious," Franchón affirms, widely known as the Heavy Hitting Diva, ahead of her upcoming fight against Savannah Marshall at AO Arena in Manchester on July 1st.

Franchón is the longest reigning and first female undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world and is ready to enter the ring with a conquering mindset of "Win, Win, Win."

Alongside her winning streak, Franchón Crewes-Dezum can be easily described as a multi-faceted talent. Alongside her boxing career, she embarked on a musical journey at 17 via her appearance on Season Four of American Idol. After her audition, when Simone Cowell said, "You Can't be good at everything," Franchón made it her mission to prove him wrong.

Today, not only is Franchón rewriting the sport's history, but she is also entering the arena of music with her single 'Secret Place,' produced around an irresistible beat and Franchón's powerhouse vocals. She is ready to take over the music domain with headstrong commitment and fuel of inspiration and empowerment.

Head Above The Clouds discusses Franchón's fight camp in Florida, mental preparation, and staying grounded. With the fight only a few days away, Franchón presents composed and astonishingly confident.

How are you feeling before your upcoming with Savannah Marshall?

I’m feeling really great actually I feel that the fight would be the best part. I’m excited to see the fans I’m excited to experience UK again and I feel victorious. I see the fight is already won. I put the work in now it’s time to run it up and conquer another goal.

Without revelling any strategies, how does your fight prep look like? Where is your fight camp usually based?

My camp was based around hard work and discipline. I held it in Florida which was fine for me because I got to get a lot of sunshine but that heat was kicking my butt. All in all it was just putting in work kind of old-school camp.

When it comes to mental preparation, do you have advisors or do you get yourself into the fight mindset?

Mental preparation is a daily consistent job I’m grateful for my husband and my tribe around me that make sure I know that I am the undisputed champion but also not let me bullshit, play games or get comfortable. I am used to people being opinionated about how I do things so I’ve kind of built up a good tolerance and focus more on the voice within.

How did it feel like when you won you first fight? How old were you?

1st street fight or boxing match lol, I’ve been fighting all my life.

You said in your Sky News interview as a response to what Simon Cowell told you ‘I’ll be great at everything’ - who nurtured this self-confidence? Who motivated you to be a master of your own destiny?

I’ve always been that different girl who danced to the beat of my own drum. My mother was an extremely hard worker and she was just a strong willed woman my father was also the same. He was a very talented charismatic athlete back in the day. I think it’s just in me, I think everything that I’ve been through. When you have everybody rejecting you or saying you’re not good enough even when you KNOW you are inside, you listen to yourself. So you just build that inner strength. Most importantly when I watched my mother transition in 2016 I didn’t want her life to be in vain so that was very motivating for me to go harder. She is my heartbeat.

What goes through your head when you’re in the ring?

Win Win Win and determination not to go back to where I once was no matter the cost. My mother fought to live I fight to win.

How do you deal with a down day? What are your go-to coping mechanisms?

Creating be it sewing, singing, DIYs, song writing fixing stuff at my house and shopping. My cats and husband cheer me up. When I can I like to be in the sun. Sharing good energy with dope people is great too.

What would you like to tell your 17-year-old self that auditioned for American Idol?

Be that person you always tone down because others projected their insecurities on you. You feel different because you are different, you’re special and great beyond your own comprehension. Don’t ask for respect, take it. F*ck Em if they don’t get the vision now they will get it later. I love you.

What motivated you to release music again?

I’ve always been motivated, but you know being the undisputed champion of the world is a big job. I had been doing stuff here and there. Other than my husband I finally met a person who saw the vision as clearly as we did. My manager Mr. Kahn didn’t just see my boxing talent, he saw Franchón The Heavy Hitting Diva as a whole.

What is ‘Secret Place’ about?

Secret place is about having someone you feel connected to so much so you want them
to come into your world, what ever that may be. Where ever it is for whoever it is that place is filled with love, peace, and happiness. Only thing is you have to not take the connection for granted because many want to be a part, but very few are chosen.

Are you planning to release more music int he future?
I am planning to release more music later this year and have an album top of 2024.

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