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'Ancient Ageless & True' by Kwun

New talent Kwun swims deep in love on his new offering 'Ancient Ageless & True'

'Ancient Ageless & True' by Kwun

No matter the season, time of day, or where you might be in the world, 'love is all around' as the Scottish band Wet Wet Wet sings. Once you get shot by Cupid's arrow, the infatuation, devotion, and passion are undeniable. No wonder love is the most common subject of our favorite songs on the radio.

'Ancient, Ageless & True,' the latest single by new talent Kwun, is a timeless jewel for lovers all around the world. This Eagles-inspired ballad follows up Kwun's successful debut, 'Supernatural.' Born in Glastonbury, Kwun splits his time between UK and Mexico, seeking inspiration in Tulum's electrifying atmosphere.

The story of 'Ancient, Ageless & True' symbolises Kwun's intricate lyrical treatment and purposeful music making. This track is recorded with 432Hz tuning, which aligns with nature and the human body. The commonly used frequency is 440Hz, for reference.

"I know now your love is ancient, ageless and true / I died a thousand deaths today, just to get closer to you," Kwun crafted simplistic poetic lyricism bound to resonate with the masses. The heart and soul of 'Ancient Ageless & True' emerged during a powerful shaman session in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Kwun shared the lyrics poured out of him as a flow from heightened awareness.

Back in the UK, in Kwun's hometown of Glastonbury, the track was recorded, mixed, and perfected into its current tranquil composition. Kwun worked remotely with a stellar line-up of Nashville-based studio musicians who have worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Johnny Cash.

Listen to 'Ancient Ageless & True' now.

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