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Ty Brasel joins forces with Jay-Way for new music video 'MAD 2 THE MAX'

Taken from his fifth studio album, Brasel reveals his most cinematic visuals yet.

Ty Brasel joins forces with Jay-Way for new music video 'MAD 2 THE MAX'

The focus track 'MAD 2 THE MAX,' taken from Ty Brasel's latest album, 'TRANSCENDENT,' lands cinematic quality visuals. Directed by Mike Folabi, Moses Kinnah, & Juan Urrutia, the team presents a film-noir-inspired setup with Ty Brasel, fellow IVAV artist and a collaborator for this track, Jay-Way, both as the leading roles.

The music video centers around a mysterious crime scene, with Ty Brasel and Jay-Way as detectives summoned to solve the puzzle. As well as the black-and-white filmography, the wardrobe is inspired by the American period of the 1940s-1950s.

The dynamic duo is seen slaying classic detective trench coats and police hats, giving off the main character energy. Brasel shares his take on 'MAD 2 THE MAX': "The track continues with the themes of purpose and passion, 'MAD 2 THE MAX is a feel-good banger that is carried by a nonstop flow and a catchy melody,"

As the lead single from his new album, similar to 'MAD 2 THE MAX,' 'TRANSCENDENT' presents a collection of Brasel's spiritual input with hopeful takeaways, reflecting on past traumas, demons, and fears. Behind his melodic choruses and tongue-twisting verses, Brasel wants to let people know, using his life as an example 'no matter what, you can still keep going.'

You can listen to 'TRANSCENDENT' and watch 'MAD 2 THE MAX' visuals now.

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