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Exclusive Interview With Sarah Reeves

Pop artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves announces a new chapter.

Exclusive Interview With Sarah Reeves

A new release, 'Get Back Your Fight' by pop artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves is a HATC-certified pick-me-up. The way this single gradually expands into a personal mental warrior march is a testament to Reeves' newfound introspective songwriting stemming from brokenness.

Since being signed at 18, Sarah Reeves has been through professional and personal ups and downs. In this new chapter, she trusts her instincts, exploring a new arena of emotions and personal revelations worthy of inspiring others.

Later this year, Sarah Reeves will release a highly anticipated album featuring hits like 'Wanna Be Here,' and 'Jealousy.' It will also include 'Get Back Your Fights,' the first track 100% written and produced by herself.

For a Head Above The Clouds exclusive, Sarah Reeves reveals the writing process was very therapeutic, and she discovered and tapped into buried fear, pain, and anxiety.

How has this year been so far for you, professionally and personally?
This year has been one of my favorites in both areas. I have tapped into a place in my own heart for the first time that has spilled over into my professional life. I’m becoming a better human and it’s causing my music to be better as well. I’m learning so much, definitely have highs and lows but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.

What are your main intentions, goals, hopes and dreams?
I always want to inspire other people and be authentic and vulnerable as I can. I hope to continue to grow with every new chapter and no matter what life throws at me, turn it into good and trust the process.

You were signed at the age of 18, what changed for the better and for the worse in the music industry?
I think streaming and social media has been both good and bad for the music industry. I have found that it’s way more over saturated than it used to be. It’s harder to stand out. But it also is beneficial because we have free tools in our hands every day to get our music and message out to the world. That’s a powerful thing.

Is there any piece of advice you apply to this day?
Trust the process. Don’t get too in your head and compare yourself to what everyone is doing. Be authentic. Treat people with kindness and build a good reputation above all else.

Could you talks us through the recording process of ‘Get Back Your Fight’?
I wrote and produced this one myself. It is the first song that I’ve released where it’s 100% created by me. It’s very cinematic, dynamic and authentic. I usually just go with my first instincts and not overthink too much. I’m very proud of this record.

Would you be open to share what big changes you went through recently that sparked the lyrical foundation of your new single?
I came out of a very challenging season in my personal life where I had to step out on my own. It caused me to make some big changes in my life. I had to dig deep and I found years of buried pain, fear and anxiety that came out as I started writing these songs. It was very therapeutic to make music during this time. Usually I find when I go through big challenges, that’s always when the best songs come out.

In what mindset were you when you first wrote the lyrics?
I was starting to be in a good place when I wrote this song. I was slowly finding my strength and my fight when I had lost it before.

What do you do or practice to keep your head above the clouds?
I pray a lot and surround myself with healthy friends who encourage me but also are honest with me when I need to hear the truth.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming project ‘Best Days’?
This album is full of ups and downs, mixed emotions, fun, happy and sad with organic instrumentation mixed with electronic pop elements woven throughout. Some songs are very light hearted while others carry a raw heaviness as this album was made during one of the toughest emotional seasons of my life. Best Days was one of the first songs we wrote for the album. It laid the groundwork for the sound and theme. I sang it anticipating the future in the midst of brokenness in my life. I sing from a different and deeper place on this album than I ever have before. I hope it inspires every person who listens. I believe the best days are truly ahead of us.

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